Roast Review: Wildman Makes Up For Embarrassing Performance Of Other Roasters

In what might be the single worst piece of content to ever be produced on Twitch, Wildman did what he could to turn a shit show into a tolerable event. A much-hyped “roast” organized by RJca and hosted on Stardust’s stream got off to a slow start. The stream started late per usual (every Snakedust stream is late) and so did the jokes. Attempting to copy the Comedy Central roast format, RJ and Star invited Chaiery, Nate Suede, some pink-haired whomegalul, and of course Wildman. Nate foresaw how bad the event would be and pretended to be busy last minute and did not show.

RJ did his best to emcee the event, but his awkwardly strong Canadian dialect and unpolished material made every transition cringe-inducing. Chaiery’s routine was short and forgettable. Pink hair didn’t even give a roast but instead complimented everyone on the panel. Star attempted to get mean but she admitted later on stream she held back as she desires to continue to leech content from Wildman.

The only redeemable part of the program was Wildman. His jokes were hard-hitting and honest. Unfortunately, Star couldn’t resist some clout-chasing after the roast and decided to talk to Destiny for 20 seconds and had to delete the vod since Destiny is banned for saying the N word on stream. The price of leeching. BNN was able to save one of Wildman’s jokes targeted at RJ and Wildman’s full vod is available on his channel here.


BNN is so disappointed that Stardust intentionally sabotaged the VOD to cover up the embarrassing content that we have mass-reported her channel and encourage all of our readers to to the same. God bless.


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