Anafrills’ Now Deleted “Waffles Manifesto”

The 100% mentally and emotionally stable professional psychologist Ana Frills released her latest manifesto last night. A few drama fiends covered it immediately on stream, including Snakedust who told Vaush a few days prior that “…I don’t really like to cover drama I prefer talking politics.” Ana must have been harassed by DGG following the release, as the manifesto was quickly deleted. It can be found at the following link, and it is reproduced below.

Re Waffles

I wish she had told me that she was still upset with me. I thought everything was fine between us. Waffles treated me poorly during our friendship. Regulars in my streams witnessed it and commented on it often. Two friends even left my community over it. She does not think I have a right to respond and defend myself. I think I do. It’s important to emphasize that Waffles’ feelings are valid and she’s allowed to feel the way she does about me. But my feelings are also equally valid.

Waffles was not controlling like Destiny was. She is not abusive. But her victim-blaming me publicly was morally reprehensible and calculated for her benefit. It made me realize the kind of person she actually is. I respect Zherka because at least he doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not.
Waffles was the one who informed me when D doxxed my location on his stream a year ago and warned me to stay away from him.
Hurt feelings =/= emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is something that can be measured by empirically validated instruments such as the MMEA. D perpetrated abuse towards me repeatedly according to my scores on the MMEA. Stonewalling someone once or twice does not make a relationship abusive. Repeatedly treating someone coldly when angry with them, stonewalling during conflict, repeatedly belittling and demeaning them publicly, trying to convince others they’re crazy, giving the silent treatment when angry, withholding empathy and compassion etc DOES make a relationship abusive.

Waffles sometimes took psychology facts I talked about personally, and held me responsible for her feelings, her physical health and mental health issues. I had to walk on eggshells with her because any little thing could be taken as a personal attack and this was quite stressful. Any slight amount of criticism about her behavior would hurt her so terribly and send her into a self-hating spiral. I would feel guilty then for even bringing up my complaints.
And yes, sometimes I got frustrated by this and snapped at her. I thought she forgave these things but it seems like she keeps score of every little slight against her and lets it build into resentment. There is literally no way I could have avoided her ending our friendship because I cannot be perfect and I can’t just ignore toxic behavior. I’m not interested in friendships where we don’t both hold each other accountable, even if it does hurt. That’s how you grow.

She accused me of things I didn’t do: I never told anyone to “get away from her”. I never yelled at her. I never called her a “diehard supporter” of me, I said we were good friends. I never said my stream wasn’t “public” and that I was allowed to talk about her on my stream. I specifically said we should deal with our conflicts OFF stream. I never told her best friend that he agreed with me and not her.
Most of this is just a result of different interpretations of events but it’s still manipulative to twist a person’s words in the way she and D both do. It reminds me of how some people do this to Jordan Peterson.

I also never called her Dark Triad. I was frequently telling her that she’s not. Being reckless and often doing thrill-seeking things is a core part of ‘psychopathy’ on the DT. I’m not sure how I am responsible for her feeling personally attacked by this.

Waffles violated my boundaries by complaining about me behind my back to a group of around 9-10 people, which included mutual friends. (Ppl told me). It seemed like she was trying to manipulate people into siding with her since she was involving random ppl from her community and roping them into our conflict. I asked her if she could just vent about me to 2 or 3 of her close friends instead to respect my privacy, and to just tell me if she’s angry with me since that’s the only way to resolve conflict healthily.
I had no idea she was even angry with me half the time until other people informed me on what she was saying about me to them.
I vented to 2 of my friends about her privately.

Waffles has been hurt for a while feeling like I chose D over her. The last time we talked over VC, she was saying that D didn’t truly care about me but she does, and it hurt her that I let his mistreatment of me slide and made excuses for him. She felt that I held her to higher standards than I held him, and tbh she was right about this. I feel bad that this caused her so much pain. (END)

BNN hopes that Ana gets help. It is also highly concerning that so many Destiny orbiters feel the need to attack Ana and cover every aspect of her stable and healthy online life.


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