Bastiat Ok With Illegal Immigration And Erasing American Culture

Bastiat, long a defender of rampant illegal immigration as a means to encourage economic growth and increase stock returns, argued passionately against Connorpoints on the topic of open borders. In general, Connor was concerned about Muslims and the practice of lopping off the female pleasure button. Bastiat dismissed these concerns and pointed to Minnesota’s 5th saying “Look at Omar’s district. Sure she fucked her brother. But for the most part the Somalians that Obama forced on Minnesota have been fully assimilated save for the way they dress.”

Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother, reveals Somali community leader | Daily  Mail Online
Ilhan Omar and her brother/husband

Despite looking like a white-nationalist due to his haircut and skin tone, Connor insisted that his positions stem from a few ass kickings he took growing up in Belgium and being forced to learn French. Connor insists that learning English is key and that Spanish should be banned in America. During one of Connor’s ten minute tirades, Connor compared illegal immigrants to gut bacteria in an analogy that left the audience lost and questioning Connor’s IQ.

Our favorite rotund neoliberal did make a great point against vaccine mandates though. Arguing that restricting freedoms of individuals because of arbitrary groups they belong to (country of origin) is gross and un-American, the same could be said of vaccine mandates. Why should individuals be forced to get vaccinated in order to protect old and fat people?

Growing tired of the debate, Bastiat interrupted Connor during his closing statement and ended by shouting “America is the greatest country to ever exist and we need fresh bodies to exploit to maintain our greatness. Ok, sure I have a freedom erection and I hope one billion Americans have freedom erections one day.”


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  1. i dont care that this is a “satirical” site. you shouldnt even joke about the lies regarding the rumors omar married her brother. first off if you or anyone thinks one would need to or be able to marry ones sibling to get them a green card youre an idiot. secondly, if omar had a brother that did not immigrate with her and her family when she first got here, she would just need to prove he was her brother inorder to get him a green card. siblings and spouses have the same right to get green ccards. the rumor is literally so baseless its just racism/islamiphobia/xenophobia.

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