Welcome to the Bastiat News Network (BNN)

Greetings free-thinkers and skeptics! It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Bastiat News Network where a talented team of intellectuals are beginning to tirelessly work to bring you the stories that you simply won’t hear anywhere else. Over the past ten years or so we have seen many so called “independent” news companies spawn from the distrust of mainstream media, only to sadly discover that the vast majority of these ventures are plagued with the same ideological rot as we’ve come to expect from society as a whole.

But here at BNN we promise to do better by you. Our Company was born under the loving wing of the semi-famous neoliberal Twitch streamer Bastiat, who wholeheartedly endorses our effort to spread knowledge, love, and compassion through the news to all reaches of the internet. We refuse to pull punches and will go to any and every length to deliver the real news. No bullshit, just the straight dope.

So buckle up motherfuckers as we embark on a journey of intellectual honesty. You’ll never have to read the New York Times again unless you try to click on a Facebook ad for “How To Get Into Bikini Shape in 8 Weeks” but the page keeps loading and you accidentally click on some moronic article that your near-death obese Uncle posted. Our promise to you is that you will never have to read Thomas Friedman or David Brooks again.

Thank you and God bless, from your family here at the Bastiat News Network.

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