Marcmunky EXPOSED Leeching Off of Treeoflogic

The low iq, perpetual sub-20 viewer twitch streamer known as Marcmunky is the latest in a series of coordinated racist attackers to spew their hatred against the successful twitch streamer treeoflogic.

On April 19th, 2020 Marcmunky restreamed tree’s panel with famed political youtuber Sargonofakkad. This potentially illegal content stealing of an African-American women’s hard work is not only exploitive but also bannable under twitch TOS.

Marc defended his leeching by whitesplaining and claiming he is “helping” tree by stealing her content for himself. This “exposure” that marcmunky pretends to exude is a clear dog whistle and allegory for the white savior myth that fueled colonialism in the 19th century that apparently is still alive and kicking today.

Disgusting Video 1

In the most egregious racist action of the night, marcmunky claims the KKK hates him more than they hate black people. This downplaying of the true brutality of the KKK which has killed tens of thousands of African-Americans is despicable to say the least and we here at BNN have turned this material over to the Southern Poverty Law Center for comment.

Disgusting Video 2

-BNN Editorial Board

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