Sham Environmentalist Provides Wacky Advice On Earth Day

Let me be perfectly clear, Earth Day is already an incredibly stupid holiday. Every fucking year us normal folks have to listen to the deranged left blather on and on about recycling, veganism, and how to save a planet that doesn’t really need saving. Earth day itself is a sham.

We all know how to recycle, when to recycle, and that plastic bottles are OK to consume because capitalism takes care of waste through market incentives. As an example, just spend 15 minutes on Google and look at all of the amazing companies who are working on removing plastic waste from the oceans. Now let me ask you, do you want these poor people to have jobs? Or would you rather ban plastics and put thousands of people in third-world countries out of work? More jobs please!

What’s even more troubling is that some radical sham environmentalists have slowly infiltrated Twitch to spew their hateful rhetoric every single day. One day is not enough for these idiots. Their ideological leader seems to be Baela, a classic brainwashed liberal who thinks that our planet is dying.

Now I’m not against activism, but recently Baela hosted a lecture on recycling and making the most difference that you can. And boy, the advice she gave was highly problematic. Let’s take a look at the screenshot from her live stream below.

Baela distributed highly problematic advice, causing more harm than good.

Under the “Refuse” category, the point of which was to list ways that one can refuse to use single-use items Baela listed: “Don’t be poor, drink tap water” and “Consider smacking single use containers from people’s hands.”

Now, to be completely fair, it did seem like Baela was curating the suggestions from her chat and writing them. So while these weren’t all her original ideas, she did consent to write them as actionable steps to take. At BNN we find this extremely troubling, for example under both the “Reuse” and “Refill” categories she listed “Hypodermic Needles.” Also coming in under “Reuse” was: “Tampons and “single” use flossers,” “Soiled underwear, socks,” and “Bacon grease for cooking.”

Folks, there really isn’t anything else left to say. BNN finds this content extremely disturbing, particularly on Earth Day. It is simply a shame that bad faith actors are allowed on the Twitch platform.


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