Bastiat’s Troubling History of SIMPing

Thanks to an anonymous source, BNN has uncovered a mountain of evidence linking Twitch streamer Bastiat to the SIMP culture. On his secret private Discord, his followers affectionately call him the “King of Simps.” One brave former user of that private discord said on the record that “Bastiat’s private discord is mostly used to groom young men into becoming better simps. Every day we talk about what streamers we should financially.”

While the BNN investigative journalism team was unable to gain access to the private discord server, we completely trust the testimony provided by the whistle blower as Bastiat’s public actions prove indefinitely that he is a SIMP.

BNN uncovered troubling logs of Bastiat urging Melina (Destiny’s most prominent female harem member) to “monetize those feet pics.”

Bastiat SIMPing in the wild

Anyone who crawls through Bastiat’s OverRustle logs before the website is shut down by SJW’s will find 3000+ messages of Bastiat making sexual innuendos and urging female streamers to open Onlyfans or Patreon accounts for lewd content. No wonder this man is an atheist! The moral rot in this country, and in Florida in particular is captured perfectly in Bastiat’s actions.

Even more recently Bastiat promised his community 6+ hours of viewer call-ins but instead participated in another brain-dead lefty circle-jerk before talking with Unironically Sharply for nearly 3 hours.

Bastiat betrayed his fans and instead talked to Unironically Sharply for 3+ hours

Bastiat also makes every effort to talk to Taftaj at least once a week and encourages her to wear skimpy clothing on stream to fulfill his own horny desires but also to shamelessly attract viewers to his stream so that he can convert them to a dangerous Neoliberal worldview that encourages the caging of children at the border and letting poor people die.

Bastiat asking Taf on stream to put up her hair in order to show more skin.

We hope that Bastiat will reconsider his perversions soon before he corrupts the hearts and minds of thousands of lonely, overweight incels. To that end, BNN is asking that Bastiat does the following:

  1. Releases a public statement denouncing SIMPing
  2. Deletes his private SIMP discord
  3. Strives for equal male/female representation for call-ins
  4. Refrains from stipulating the dress attire of his guests
  5. Be best


4 thoughts on “Bastiat’s Troubling History of SIMPing

  1. Bastiat has openly called himself a “simper” in his public discord and has stated before that his primary goal of becoming twitch partner was so women would notice his posts in chat more.

    He also went vegan for 2 weeks to try to impress BadBunny.

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