Leon Seifers’ Problematic Anti-Coomer Rhetoric

BNN does not support safe spaces as a matter of principle but we are equally against hateful, discriminatory rhetoric. It was brought to our attention that Leon Seifers has been systematically oppressing coomers in his chat and spreading anti-coomer ideology in various group voice chats, with the primary intention of kink-shaming his own friends and members of the 4-viewer Andy Twitch political community.

We all know and love Freemz. He is West Virginia’s native tattooed teddy bear. And he is a proud supporter of Coomerism and freedom. During his recent birthday celebration stream, Leon intentionally sent over chatters to spam anti-coomer emotes to make Freemz feel bad on his 29th birthday. Freemz called Leon’s anti-coomer emote “hateful and immoral” and proceeded to time out the many dozens of people that Leon paid to disrupt his birthday celebration.

MxVivianWulf went on the record and stated that “Leon is the leader of a straight up hate group…” and recommended that BNN contact the ADL and the SPLC to get extremism experts on the case. While I’ve had my personal confrontations with Vivian in chat before, there is absolutely no denying that she is an expert on recognizing and fighting back against hateful ideologies. BNN has contacted the SPLC but are awaiting their official response.

It came to light that The Syntheid was also spreading dangerous anti-coomer rhetoric in Freemz’ channel a few days ago, calling Freemz an “dictator and authoritarian” for not allowing people to spread hate speech. Leon’s sphere of influence is much larger than previously thought and BNN will be contacting Twitch to recommend a thirty day ban and the immediate removal of the anti-coomer emote. Let’s pray that they take action swiftly and with an iron fist.


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