Pxie Facilitates Coordinated Verbal Assault On Autistic Congressional Candidate

On April 20th, 2020, notorious Bernie-or-buster Pxie put on a second panel on Twitch debating the morality of the “Bernie or bust” position. The conversation devolved as soon as Destiny opened his mouth and began using his famous debate tactics. Pxie’s moderation, or lack thereof, contributed to a toxic dog piling on Joshua Collins. Joshua is a 26 year old self-described socialist dipshit who wants to bring AOC’s America fruition.

Joshua, having never owned a business in his life, wants to move America to a socialist hellscape through accelerationism, the completely valid position of voting for Trump in order to magically elect a progressive candidate in 2024.

Destiny and Imreallyimportant verbally abused Joshua for most of the discussion while Johnny Scarlett and Melanie faded into the background because their takes were awful but not nearly as bad as Joshua’s. About nine hours into the discussion, Joshua told Destiny that he suffers from autism and therefore he doesn’t have a linear way of speaking.

To that Destiny responded “Ok, I’m sorry but as someone who has autistic friends…” and “that’s such a copout.” Destiny went on another classic ableism-filled rant about autistic people. Destiny’s “I have a friend” line of argumentation was HIGHLY reminiscent of some of his justifications for using the N-word in private until Trihex turned on him. Throughout all of this, Pxie didn’t do much at all, recognizing that drama means more views and more money for her.

Towards the very end of the debate, Destiny revealed his true position simply stating that “I’m young, I’m white, I make a fuck ton of money on Twitch. I’m actually cool if Trump wins another Presidency. It benefits me in the end so fuck it I don’t care.” Here’s to hoping that between Joshua’s embarrassing representation of lefty policy positions and Destiny’s honest, heartfelt rants that thousands of people are convinced to vote for President Trump.


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