BNN Victory Lap

Five entire days ago, the Bastiat News Network reported that Dear Leader Kim was dead. No one believed us. Our tireless reporters who travel all around the world to bring you the news do their very best to deliver reports accurately and before the mainstream media. The superiority of BNN shows through in this case.

As the Editor in Chief of this proud institution, it is hard for me to remain humble or silent as thousands of Twitch streamers and their loyal SIMPS attempt to tear us down, literally and metaphorically. We will not rest, we will not yield, and if you come for us, we will hear about it and we will fucking eviscerate you in a video game.

Over the past week, I’ve been asked how you can support us. As you know, we do not monetize our website, we don’t have an OnlyFans, and you cannot wire us money. Money is a corrupting influence and we do this out of a deep-seated yearning to improve society. Instead, we ask that you consider buying merchandise from LCTR Fan, the #1 lawyer on Twitch and a dear friend of our website (though not affiliated.)

-God Bless, Gohndim

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