EXPOSED: Bastiat’s Previous Life As A Trump Youth

Many have suspected all along that the Neoliberal Twitch streamer Bastiat has been faking most of his policy positions. Respected Conservative thought-leader Tree of Logic has called him a “trap” in the sense that he attempts to disarm political opponents with his fake charm and twisted tongue. He employs many of the tactics recommended by alt-right hero Nicholas Fuentes.

Understanding Bastiat’s true political leanings calls many other actions into question. Why does he seem to have such a comfortable alliance with fascists in his discord and his Twitch chat? Is he using his private “Children’s Only” discord as a Trump Youth breeding ground? Since we now know that a mere five years ago he was deeply ingrained in the effort to elect Donald Trump, what are his motives now?

BNN is actively compiling evidence that further supports the logical conclusion that Bastiat is still an avid Trump supporter despite his Twitch persona. A Gallup polls of Bastiat’s Twitch viewers showed that a whopping 87% of his audience supports Donald Trump. The other 13% self-identified as trolls or women. Please send any and all evidence, including leaked DMs, to BNN. In the meantime, please support the real #1 lawyer on Twitch, LCTR Fan.

-BNN Editorial Board

4 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Bastiat’s Previous Life As A Trump Youth

  1. This is huge news. Although I suspected as much after I saw how friendly he was with alt-right fascist lctrfan

  2. That same smug smirk as Trump…now we know for fact he is a closet proto-fascist. I regret having donated money to his stream in the hopes of fermenting greater support for progressive policies…wow. These Trumpers sure love lying to everyone about their intentions.

  3. Now the secret is out. Bastiat is pretending to be a neolib in order to convert us to the right.
    So he’s a TRAP for the right not the left eh? LUL

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