Comprehensive Guide To Avoid Being Called A “Transphobe.”

There is no question that Twitch has surged in popularity with people being locked inside avoiding Bat Flu droplets. And many decent, working class folks who have real life skills have found the platform and are forces to consume content from mostly mindless NEETs who have never had to file a tax return since their income is basically non-existent. This can be a culture-shock to humble ordinary folk. How does one interact with internet strangers who never leave their room? What are emotes? And why is MaturiX92 in chat calling me transphobic?

To that end, BNN has spoken with dozens of “experts” who have no real education or experience with trans issues but have read many articles online and have participated in various online podcasts and talk shows. Through those conversations we’ve compiled the following guide.

Always ask someone to share their pronouns.

There is almost nothing worse than calling someone a “he” when she prefers to be called a “she.” “Misgendering,” the act of trying to have a normal conversation with someone but using the “wrong” pronouns because why the fuck should you know someone’s preferred pronouns, especially if “it” looks like the pronoun you mistakenly used, is a serious crime. To avoid this, before you talk with someone, ALWAYS ask for their pronouns.

Never claim that there are biological differences between gender.

This is a big no no. Questioning human biology in a way that draws distinctions between “biological males” and “biological females” is dangerous pseudo-science and very harmful to trans people. At first, this was very hard for me. As a sub-elite distance runner, its seemed obvious to me that there are fundamental biological differences between males and females. For example, at many of my local races, I would very often finish before all or the vast majority of the female runners. It turns out that this is not due to biological differences but because of systemic oppression of females from birth and gender stereotyping.

Never question whether trans women can compete in female sports.

This sort of builds on the previous guidance, but what it really comes down to is that humans exists on a spectrum, and while biological males may be faster or stronger than most women at the elite level, there are certainly some women who can compete with average men. Therefore, males who transition to females have every right to compete with biological females since everything is on a spectrum. Easy.

Never mention that you have watched Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan is a massive transphobe and you will be labeled as a transphobe just because you listened to his hateful ideology.

Always say “yes” if asked if you would have sex with a trans person.

It doesn’t matter if your theoretical partner has a six inch uncut cock, or a nice tight vagina, you must always concede that in theory you would have sex with a trans person. It doesn’t matter if you have a genitalia preference as that is inherently transphobic.

Be super woke across the board.

Look, if you are racist, sexist, bigoted, or just don’t like Bernie Sanders enough you are probably transphobic anyway. If you’ve made it this far in this article, you are definitely transphobic. Please send us hate mail.

-BNN Editorial Team

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