Bring Fat Shaming Back

Alright, I will say it. Hardly anyone else is. You are fat. And being fat is bad. People telling you that being fat is OK is just a lie so you won’t eat more of your feelings. With how fat our country, our world, and our kids are becoming its time to bring back fat shaming. Get ruthless with it folks.

Why do I care? Because fat people are a huge load on society, literally. Fat people are more likely to be lazy and cost taxpayers more money. Fat people cause vastly more wear and tear on roads, sidewalks, and public transportation. Never buy a used car from a fat person, it will wear out faster due to mistreatment.

And don’t even get me started on fat people on planes. I’m so tired of having to sit next to a 38 year old with a BMI of 38 who can only fit in sweatpants and who obviously smells because he can’t reach under his folds of fat in the shower. Even the fucking normal people today are fat!

Fat normalization is dangerous. It is killing our economy, our parents, our children. Bringing fat shaming back is the absolutely best way to fight back. I was hoping that this quarantine would encourage millions of fat Americans to step back, think about their lives, and start losing weight but people just keep eating. Stop shoveling food in your mouth moron! Below are the secrets you need to lose weight.

  1. Don’t eat lots of added sugar
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables (like 3-5 per day, not 3-5 per month)
  3. Stop overeating
  4. Stop overeating
  5. Seriously, stop shoving your mouth full of food you stupid fuck

And for all of you Fat Defenders who think it’s “rude” or “not helpful” to fat shame people, just fuck off already. Stop defending and normalizing unhealthy behavior. So get outside, eat healthy, and surprise all of your coworkers when this quarantine is over by LOSING SOME FUCKING WEIGHT.


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