GeekWitGlassesTV Platforms Fat Shamers

Great friend of the channel GeekWitGlassesTV has been intentionally platforming fat shamers afters reading BNN’s article “Bring Fat Shaming Back.”

Geek has been a huge supporter of the website and has reached out to Rareest Pepper and myself half a dozen times about financially supporting BNN. Unfortunately, Geek doesn’t have a lot of money and we’d feel bad taking money out of the West Virginian economy. Anyway, let’s watch Geek platform a fat shamer below.

Geek hates fat people but is afraid to reveal his true feelings on stream.

Geek, we want to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for pushing the BNN agenda. As a pro-life, pro-skinny, anti-child grooming website, we have always appreciated your amazing support. God bless you all, and remember, we certainly hate fat people.


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