BNN-Sponsored Streamer Showdown Bracket Coming Soon!

The Bastiat News Network is pleased to announce that we will be running the first annual BNN Streamer Showdown, a popularity contest among bottom of the barrel Twitch streamers. No, you won’t find any Destiny’s or Hasan’s here. No streamers who have nip-slipped their way to the top. Only the best of the worst. Our loyal fans and readers will be able to vote for streamers who have been chosen and placed in the following categories:

  1. Bernie Or Busters
  2. People With Real Jobs
  3. Panel Hosters
  4. 40 IQ Gang
  5. Conservative Power Houses
  6. Wild Cards
  7. Who-megaluls
  8. Actually Worth Watching

There are four unique streamers in each category for a total of 32 streamers competing in this epic showdown. In the coming days we will reveal the full bracket and publish a schedule of the voting.


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