LCTR Fan Destroys Rajj Royale Libtards

Conservative hero LCTR Fan had another amazing showing on the Rajj Royale, a podcast hosted by Rajj Patel, the flamboyant homosexual who kick-started his Twitch career by employing an Indian accent inspired by Apu.

The Royale typically features one, maybe two Republicans and is barely worth watching unless LCTR Fan or Destiny is on the cast. The “podcast” primarily discusses Twitch drama, such as when are you allowed to drop the “N word” or if breastfeeding should be allowed on the platform. When meaningful topics are discussed, the SJW libtards gang up on the Republicans and snicker about how dumb they are, often employing the very same ableist language that they denounce once the Conservatives are kicked off of the show.

More concerning is the tone in which these debates are had. LCTR Fan for example came onto today’s show expressing his ideas in a clear and logical fashion. His deranged opponents mostly resorted to ad hominems and jokes about “Trumptards.” Below is a compiled but not comprehensive list of the ad homs launched at LCTR Fan.

Insults hurled at LCTR Fan in the first one hour

“You are an idiot” – Hasan

“… you haven’t lost the one brain cell I thought you had left.” – Hasan

“You’re so retarded I swear bro.” – Twomad

“LCTR Fan literally just dropped the Nazi quote.” – Hasan

“Katerino wouldn’t even fuck you.” -Bob7

“Republicans like you should be shot in the streets.” – Dick Lewis

“Why are you larping as a guerilla?” -Hasan

“You’re so dumb you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.” -Alebrelle

Any objective observer of this “podcast” could easily discern that LCTR Fan is the smartest, most well-composed personality on the show. He actually has a reputable job and I’m willing to bet he’s the only one on the show other than Dick Lewis who has read a book in the past year. Twitch continues to show us that it is a disgusting platform full of NEETs and SJWs who care nothing about facts and logic. Instead, the average Twitch user and the content creators that they worship seem to prioritize slandering working folks and calling Republicans names.


5 thoughts on “LCTR Fan Destroys Rajj Royale Libtards

  1. All these out of touch leftists would not survive in the real world, they get by on daddy’s money financially, and ideologically by staying in their little hug boxes.

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