Bastiat Defends Presidential Advice To Inject Disinfectant

It’s no secret that Bastiat is a problematic Twitch streamer. Whether faking just enough leftism to get his elitist patent leather shoe in the door of Twitch politics, or shilling as a corporate attorney for the destructive fossil fuel industry, Bastiat is the embodiment of everything wrong with America. Bastiat pretends to have values and morals but those can easily be curtailed for fiat currency. He’s a selfish, borderline sadistic person at his core and living proof that anyone can be admitted to the Florida BAR.

For someone who publicly denounces “dog-whistles” in his discord and his Twitch chat, Bastiat himself has decided to employ one of the most dangerous dog-whistles of the century. Less than 24 hours after President Donald Jefferson Trump advised people to consider injecting bleach into their bodies to kill Chinese Bat Flu, Bastiat created a “drink bleach” emoji on his discord and plans on submitting it to Twitch because it is “so fun.”

Bastiat gives problematic health advice “for fun.”

Throughout the last 24 hours or so, Bastiat has been subtly hinting that his followers should consider taking the President’s advice seriously, leading to negative outcomes in his community already.

Literally denying that he is giving health advice while still encouraging people to consume Clorox Ultra

Jokes can be useful for exposing the idiocy of certain ideas or statements. But Bastiat has gone beyond the realm of humor and has begun having immense negative harm on his community. How many people will die or suffer internal damage if they follow his advice? How many people suffer from his broadcasts and rhetoric in general. Perhaps his followers drinking Clorox Ultra would bring a faster end to their suffering.

-Lisa and Gohndim

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