Rareest Pepper Dominates Comrade Wavy In Debate On Communism

America wins again. Trump promised us that we’d be sick of winning. But tonight our bellies are filled with the warm satisfaction of a job well done. The rivers are flowing red with the blood of vanquished Commies.

Rareest Pepper repeatedly pummeled Comrade Wavy over and over. Wavy’s futile, and “cringe” attempt to defend the Holodomor quickly sealed Communism’s defeat. Comrade Wavy denied that the Soviet Ukraine famine was man-made and instead blamed the millions of deaths on “bad weather.”

In complete fairness, Wavy came out swinging in the second half with ad-hom after ad-hom. Knowing that the debate was over, Wavy resorted to slander and personal attacks in a futile attempt to salvage his terrible performance.

Commies are disgusting

The results were 100% clear. Pepper and America won by a whopping 38 percentage points in a vote taken by Bastiat’s community. As Pepper said later on Discord “I single-handedly defeated Communism tonight.”

God bless America, capitalism, and our fearless leader Donald Trump!


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