“Because You Fuckers Should Rot”

In the two short months that BNN has existed, we’ve tried our absolute best to be a fair voice that elevates small streamers on Twitch. We’ve worked tirelessly to break news that others miss. We’ve sent our reporters as far away as Tehran. Ultimately, our goal has always been to be a positive force for good in this world. A beacon of truth shining through the fog of fake news.

And yet somehow people like Bastiat have found our work to be “problematic.” Many people who consume the Fake News Media (CNN, PBS, MSNBC) are simply not used to honest, heartfelt reporting.

Bastiat has hated BNN most of all. Since day one he has attempted to shut down our operation through subtle threats and hostile voice calls live on Twitch. Tonight, one of his viewers applied to be mod and Bastiat verbally abused and humiliated him in front of 150 people. At one point, the viewer exposed Bastiat’s inhumane and immoral practice of “quarantining” people in a special discord channel called ADX Florence, named after the super max American prison designed to take away prisoner’s humanity. Watch a telling clip below.

In this disgusting clip, Bastiat admits that he joyfully sends people to his quarantine channel because he wants them to rot. Let that sink in. He purposefully chooses fragile members of his community and sends them to a virtual prison so that they can essentially become radicalized.

Bastiat went especially hard on this particular mod applicant because he is an infrequent contributor to BNN. As a follow up to this disturbing stream, BNN kept a careful eye on Bastiat’s discord and witnessed this poor viewer devolve in real-time.

It goes without saying that Bastiat already deleted the VOD for this problematic stream. BNN has reached out to Gohndim (coincidentally the name of our founder) to ensure he is safe. Bastiat has literally driven his audience to drink. What is next? Let us pray that the Twitch Council doesn’t let us find out.

-BNN Editorial Team

2 thoughts on ““Because You Fuckers Should Rot”

  1. This is the behavior of a dyed in the wool psychopath. If this bastiat fellow gets in touch with my producers, we would be willing to send him to the ranch were he can get help, lord knows he needs it.

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