Reader Letter: I Can No Longer Defend Bastiat

What follows is the first reader letter published on BNN. We received this letter on Monday, March 25th.

I have been watching Bastiat since his appearance on the Big Brain podcast where Destiny defended the use of the “N word” in private. While Bastiat didn’t get to speak much during that debacle, I thought he seemed like an honest, interesting fellow.

I should have known that it was all an illusion. A show filled with smoke and mirrors, his suit, the bookshelves, even the cats are treated as props. To this day I still think that underneath the now obvious act that Bastiat is a decent person. But his inconsistency when it comes to his community is scary.

On one hand, he seems to like dark memes. But on the other, it feels like he has this inner pressure that causes him to lash out and hide his true thoughts and opinions. This causes him to seem incredibly fake.

For example, all loyal fans will recall when BNN first launched. Bastiat wholeheartedly endorsed the endeavor and brought the founder on to talk about the good work. But a couple of days later some people started complaining and his inner capitalist rose to the surface.

Bastiat’s constant struggle between his real self and the illusion he maintains to commercially optimize his stream has led to a less than fun viewer experience for any intelligent long-term viewer. I will no longer be tuning into his streams. I will probably be spending most of my Twitch time on LCTR Fan’s channel.


1 thought on “Reader Letter: I Can No Longer Defend Bastiat

  1. Is Mr. Cat the prop…or is the dummy in the chair the prop, being manipulated with hidden strings, a dancing puppet furiously dancing?

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