Becoming A Millionaire The Easy Way

Fox News sifted through terabytes of financial data and stock market performance history and discovered that one can easily become a millionaire by wisely timing the market. Fox News is well-known for their creative info-graphics, having legions of young female interns hand-picked by Rupert Murdoch slaving away. The pay is better than providing massages on Palm Beach.

Look at those gains!

What Fox discovered should win a Nobel Prize in Economics. If one would have invested $10,000 right after George Floyd’s death, only a week later the profit would be $340. An amazing return given that the total market return averages only about 7% after inflation on an annual basis.

The wise investor will start to read the daily newspaper again and only invest after major tragedies. With a little back of the napkin math, it can be determined that only 14 to 31 major deaths need to occur for one to become a multi-millionaire!

-The Editorial Board

Disclaimer: BNN does not provide specific financial advice. Any financial decisions should be made by you and your financial advisor. Financial products can go up, down, and sideways and nothing is a sure thing in life.

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