Rich People Should Receive Covid-19 Vaccine First

When the Chinese Bat Flu vaccine comes out, it is clear which demographic should be the first in line. Rich people need to be the priority for a plethora of reasons.

First of all, rich people are simply more productive members of society. They became rich by adding value to all of our lives whether through inventing new products, solving difficult problems, or putting in hard work. Rich people bring more to our society, and all societies and we need to ensure their survival.

Furthermore, rich people have suffered the most from the CBF outbreak. Violent looters have torched their businesses, stolen their capital, and impinged on their ability to create profits. Receiving the CBF vaccine first will be a form of reperations for the recent assaults against the wealthy.

Finally, rich people should be rewarded for maintaining law and order. History will show that it was not the rich white folks who were rioting and looting. It was not rich white folks who were demanding to get back to work and spread Chinese Bat Flu. No, rich people only wanted their employees to safely be allowed to work in order to continue to add value to society. There’s nothing more American than wanting everyone to prosper through the efficient use of capital and labor.

Personally, I love rich people. They deserve society’s love, respect, and worship. If we were all rich there would be no need to social security, food stamps, and other stupid programs that increase my taxes. So let’s allow the best of us to receive the CBF vaccine first.

-Gohndim (Twitter)

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