Dear White People, Stop Supporting Black Lives Matter

The time for being an ally is over. Prominent African-Americans on Twitch have called for the destruction of “whiteness” and have made compelling arguments that call for white people to “die off.”

Social thought leaders including Kormantine and Kswiftly have clearly stated that white people need to shut the fuck up and get out of their movement since white people’s primary objective in life (other than getting into heaven) is to preserve whiteness.

On Kormantine’s recent panel show, Kswiftly shared an anecdotal story about her friend who decided to call out a former classmate who used to call her the N-word every single day. This classmate now apparently supports BLM and is a Trump supporter. Kswiftly then made a super logical leap and said that “…these are allies, these the ones who are putting Black Lives Matter in their fucking tags…”

Kswiftly correctly points out that all White Allies are CRINGE

Mindwaves, the leader of the White Culture Reverse-Racism Club on Twitch summed up the problem with Kswiftly perfectly by telling A4Andre that “Kswftly spreads a lot of Black-Nationalist rhetoric that I think is, sort of, seeks to essentialize white people as being like inherently flawed and incapable of being allies towards, like, black people.”

Mindwaves speaking on behalf of white people

Mindwaves really dropped the hammer when he told A4Andre about the literature that Kswiftly has been spreading around. White-passing streamer Ahrelevant confirmed that Kswiftly has been passing around these racist ideas, personally attesting that one passage states that “the best thing that white people can do is literally die for black liberation.”

So I need to ask you, why should white people even consider for a moment supporting the Black Lives Matter movement? Here are the most important reasons why white people should absolutely not support BLM at all:

  1. Prominent African-Americans on Twitch, namely Kswiftly, Kormantine, and even A4Andre have implied, and even outright stated, that white people simply CANNOT be allies. So why even try?
  2. Kswiftly, and presumably many others, think that racism against white people cannot and does not exist.
  3. Kswiftly asserted that most white allies are actually racist Trump supporters and do not care about the cause.
  4. Finally, Kswiftly’s credibility is nearly non-existent. Many forget that she is a disgusting landlord who exploits her tenants. During the protests, she mocked on camera wealthy people looking on at the protests from their luxury apartments. And yet, she actively participates in exploitation to make money. She knows this is wrong, as she admitted that all landlords are leeches on the panel show where James (formerly of Act Dot Tv) was making guillotine memes about landlords.

Dear white people, on average you have about ten times more wealth than African-American families. On average, you make more money than them. You have nothing to gain from lending them your support, particularly if they don’t want you, and they don’t think that you are even capable of being allies. Forget about the countless times you’ve turned out in the past to protest police violence. They don’t matter. That was fake activism.

Instead, preserve your whiteness and stop engaging with issues that have nothing to do with you. Because police don’t shoot white people and white people cannot be poor.

-BNN Editorial Board

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