SJWs Force Rajj Patel To Use White-Passing Name “Austin”

Rajj Patel forever changed the Twitch platform. Perhaps not for the better, but it is hard to overstate his impact. Rajj, who now goes by Austin, catapulted his trashy shows to new heights by implementing an Apu-esque accent.

Many found the accent to be an excellent homage to Indian people (dots not feathers). Indian culture is penetrating the mainstream now more than ever. Recently, alleged sexual predator Aziz Ansari starred in a fantastic Netflix show called “Master of None.” We also saw an original movie called Bohemian Rhapsody starring a buck-toothed British-Indian that showcased some amazing new music. And of course many of us hear from Indians every single day from call centers in Mumbai.

So why the change? Rajj Patel is a beloved member of the Twitch community. Perhaps larping as an Indian isn’t quite as posh anymore. Perhaps the Deer Transwoman has forever shifted the cultural Overton Window. Regardless of the rationale, SJWs have ultimately pressured Rajj into giving up his Indian heritage.

LGBTQIA+ members bullied Rajj into coming out of the closet months ago. It isn’t much of a mental leap to get someone to renounce their symbolic heritage too. But with Rajj gone, what exposure to Indian content creators do we really have now? At the very least, Rajj was exposing Westerners to the accent of Indians and slowly making us comfortable with their voices.

So instead, Rajj has adopted a new white-passing name to appease the mob. He caved in to the incels and changed his entire identity. Indians no longer have a voice on the platform.

BNN will always look back fondly at Austin and think of the closeted trust-fund baby who did Indian accents justice. A man who only wanted to normalize the speaking styles of one billion people to the Twitch platform. A saint who will never be forgotten.


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