BNN’s Biggest Donors in June

Many know that the Bastiat News Network does not advertise on our precious website. Instead, we rely on donations and people purchasing our merchandise at Teespring. Our operating costs are low, and we do not take a salary. Still, its nice to have so much community support and we’d like to honor our top donors in the month of June.

  1. GeekWitGlassesTV – $72 and a t-shirt. Thank you so much!
  2. Touring News – $27
  3. Freemz – $19
  4. Bastiat – $15
  5. Imreallyimportant – $10
  6. Kswiftly – $4
  7. Lisaisablogger – $2

We also had quite a few t-shirt sales and those are much appreciated too! Thanks so much for keeping us financially viable.


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