Dario Rahim’s Hatred For Indigenous People

Dario Rahim recently went on a long, unfettered tirade about how indigenous people in Canada “need to shut the fuck up and let pipelines through their land for the betterment of society.” Dario’s rant occurred about halfway through a mini-debate on Chud Logic’s channel against Mel, a communist who has an expertise in indigenous issues unmatched by any twitch streamer other than Rem.

Mel correctly pointed out many times to Dario that he needs to self-educate himself and read books to which Dario actually replied “imagine reading a book.” Dario attempted to stifle every point that Mel made by constantly interrupting her and painting her has a bad faith actor, a tactic straight from the Mayo6 panel handbook.

Dario’s original beef was with MxVivianWulf, a British streamer who also is an expert in every topic that she speaks about, mostly because she can read unlike Dario. Many have theorized that Dario has been attempting to start beef with transwomen because MindwavesTV, the leader of the Mayo6, hates all women except Plethora95.

Talking about issues that are none of his business is nothing new to Dario. He constantly blathers on and on about American politics and racial issues, despite being a white-passing European. Europeans should stick to their own countries’ issues, or at least issues that occur in their hemisphere. But Dario simply cannot help himself. His neoliberal alliance with Twitch streamer Bastiat (recently reported to be dead) gives him a literal capitalist boner for natural gas pipelines and expanding infrastructure whether or not it runs through sacred indigenous burial sites.

We hope in the future that Dario attempts to be a better human being. Start by reading a book you chauvinist fuck.


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