Plethora Loses PrimeCayes’ Love Over Skin Color

Plethora95, the white Canadian feminist nationalist Twitch streamer, was recently rejected live on her own Twitch stream. Plethora has been looking for love for over 7 years, her last boyfriend being an assistant manager at a local Tim Hortons.

Plethora invited PrimeCayes onto her stream after he was rejected by Antifa Captain KSwiftly on the A4Andre dating show, a carbon copy of Rajj Patel’s dating show. Like Rajj, A4Andre also uses an Indian accent to attract viewers.

After Prime was kicked off by Kswiftly for dressing too much like the capitalist class that she loathes, he quickly rebounded and wormed his way onto Plethora’s channel. And just when we thought that a beautiful biracial relationship was about to be born shit really hit the fan.

First, an innocent random troll in chat asked Pleth to ask Prime “what color does he think about when having sex?” Prime immediately said “only black and really really dark brown because I only have sexual intercourse with my people.” Plethora’s heart shattered into a billion tiny fragments, rejected once again despite having abnormally large breasts.

And to make matters worse, Plethora embarassed herself when she complained that Andre was pronouncing Prime’s name wrong the entire time. To her utter surprise, Prime informed her that she was in fact pronouncing it wrong and that she is “just beautiful enough to not correct.”

Can’t pronounce names, wow

In the end, Plethora was far too white for Prime. We hope that Plethora is able to find love soon as her desperate attempts to convince men on stream that she is a catch is getting embarrassing for Twitch as a platform. In support of Plethora, BNN is willing to sponsor 6 months of Tinder Premium for her. Best of luck Pleth!


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