Clinton Foundation Nukes Beirut To Cover Up Child Trafficking Crimes

The entire world watched the Beirut explosion on a loop yesterday as it was the largest non-nuclear explosion since the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. An estimated 250,000 people were displaced and the death count is far from certain at this point. More likely than not, the final tally that will be reported will be state propaganda to hide the real human impact. Much like every country other than the United States did with COVID-19.

Untrustworthy media outlets immediately began speculating about the cause of the explosion, with the general consensus being that a confiscated stash of ammonium nitrate mysteriously blew up. A handful of independent Twitter journalists scoured through satellite imagery and determined that this was actually a tactical nuclear strike by the Clinton Foundation.

Journalists were able to recover manifests covering the last three months at the Beirut port which showed conclusively that the primary cargo was young children in large containers labeled “Wayfair.” With the recent arrest of Bill Clinton’s best friend Ghisaline Maxwell, it is clear that this attack was carried out to cover up more crimes against humanity. Hillary Clinton was asked to provide a comment to BNN and from her private email server all she said was “clearly Russia was involved.”

It is time to wake up people. The media is constantly covering up the most important stories. Their agenda is not your agenda. Buy guns, don’t get vaccinated, and certainly do not drink from government-controlled water supplies. BNN is looking forward to reporting on Ghisaline’s untimely death in the near future.


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