Meet Endernax, A Better Bastiat In Every Way

After Bastiat’s long hiatus from streaming many of his fans began seeking new people to form parasocial relationships with. Even after he returned his content was lacking. These days Bastiat mostly has to leech from his community. It has been reported in the past that he threatens to ban community members if they fail to write fanfiction, create emotes for free, or are not active enough in the discord.

One can only take so much abuse. Lisaisablogger, perhaps Bastiat’s biggest SIMP after Chowey, recently said that “Bastiat doesn’t seem to care about his community at all.” Many Bastiat loyalists have found homes in other channels. Channels with consistent schedules with creators who do not exploit their viewers. Granddad Christmas is happier than ever in Zane Carney’s channel. Shaquille Oatmeal5 went on vacation and will probably never be back. Personally, I now prefer GeekWitGlassesTV (for the comedic value to be clear).

Enter Endernax, a more attractive and ruthless version of Bastiat. Endernax streams consistently, has a much larger American flag, and always wears a suit. More importantly, his political and personal views are legit based. While Bastiat cheats on his diet, Endernax crusades against obesity on panels. He hates fat people almost more than I do. While Bastiat sits in his ivory tower laughing at poor people, Endernax digs deep into issues impacting the forgotten workers of the Midwest. Endernax even has a superior jawline based on the science of attractiveness.

Bastiat himself recently admitted that his sub count is near a five month low, a clear indication of a dying channel. Endernax is what the community needs right now. Hope. A fresh start. Someone we can actually believe in. Someone who doesn’t merely fake outrage and controversy to attract mindless viewers. We need Endernax, the Bastiat that Bastiat himself could not be. Follow Endernax on Twitch and Twitter now. Time to jump ship.


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