Extremely Busy Lawyer Spends Morning Trolling Female Teenager

Overcompensated fossil fuels lawyer Bastiat spent most of his Tuesday morning trolling a female Twitch streamer who was “looking for DADDIES.” Bastiat, who is paid approximately $257 per hour, was surely billing one of his sucker clients while he preyed on this young mind.

Bastiat cringe

Bastiat quickly bored of pursuing this innocent barely legal female once she discovered how old is he and banned him from the channel. His energy was quickly redirected at a fellow overweight streamer named Dr.Witnesser. The good doctor spends all day playing fornite and attempting to convert underage boys to Catholicism, a method quickly being adopted by the Catholic church to find new altar boys.

In 2019, it was reported that 84% of Catholic priests use Fortnite to “recruit” new “members.” Dr. Witnesser is just an extension of that good, charitable work. Bastiat however spent the rest of the morning trolling and calling people “fucking retarded morons” for believing in Jesus Christ. Bastiat became so hostile that the channel had to be put into sub only mode.

BNN is starting yet another full investigation into Bastiat’s personal life in order to seek recompense for the clients he has been defrauding.


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