BNN Film Review: “Stream Stalker”

As part of a new section on Bastiat News Network, the editorial board will be taking a deep dive into Twitch streamer Imreallyimportant’s film magnum opus titled Stream Stalker (2016). This 8 minute snuff film has all the hallmarks of being a great indie movie including stalking women, masturbation, and sexual violence but falls well short of being anywhere close to being a good piece of media.

In this movie Imreallyimportant plays himself, a 45 year old washed up actor with an 80 viewer twitch stream, and is the lead supporting character. One thing this film does very well is capturing his thin skin and dictator-like moderation skills banning viewers at random throughout the film.

A viewer could look past the amateurish camerawork and script that sounds like it was written by a 13 year old but the film’s critical flaw is stopping before what can only be assumed to be the climax. Overall, our editorial board thinks this movie is an abomination and anyone that worked on this film should be ashamed of themselves.

We give it one and a half stars.

*Update: IRI has made the video private. He sent a private email to BNN saying “Giving this masterpiece 1.5 stars is fucking shameful and anti-semitic.”

Watch the movie for yourself here:

Rareest Pepper

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  1. Hi, Big SIMP for IRI here. I think you posted the wrong link, because I was going to watch that tiny gem of a film for myself, and all I got was a privated video. Please advise where I might watch. Thanks!

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