Burger King Speed Run Goes Wrong

Well known anime reviewer and twitch streamer j0elewis has recently become enthralled in a controversy after a recent stream entitled: “Burger King speed run any%”. After coming home from a long night at his anime review club the streamer sought to continue growing his Twitch.tv channel and went live. Using the iPhone his parents purchased for him he left his parents basement, reportedly driving his mothers 2018 Mercedes to his local Burger King. The footage of this event was only recently uncovered as Lewis himself attempted to scrub all record of it from the internet.

After arriving at the location j0elewis informed his stream that he would be preforming a burger king speed run any%, as he had done on his last 4 streams. Approaching the counter, he told the employee to keep the nuggets coming constantly, handing them his card to keep his tab open. Taking a seat towards the back of the restaurant and plugging his phone into the wall to charge, he opened up his backpack, pulling out his barrel aged 2009 ketchup which he had taken from his parents fridge earlier in the day.

J0elewis recounting the speedrun on his stream.

Shortly after beginning his intense battle with the Burger King chicken nuggets he reportedly became annoyed at the slow pace they were being delivered. Once he’d devoured over 150 nuggets in under 10 minutes he ran out. Furious, j0elewis meandered his way over to the counter, demanding to know where his nuggets were. Distraught and clearly afraid at the angry streamer, the 7.25$ minimum wage employee responded meakly: “We ran out sir, I’m so sorry” handing him his card and receipt.

J0elewis reportedly stormed out of the restaurant, screaming that they’d ruined his stream and speed run attempt. “I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW AND I EXPECT MY NUGGETS THEN!” he yelled as he returned home. As j0elewis returned to his mothers Mercedes he reportedly dropped the phone and the stream went black.

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