Police Rightfully Shoot Jacob Blake

Kenosha police officers made quick work of Jacob Blake, a criminal African-American who was shot less than three minutes after police arrived on the scene. Leftist riots broke out nearly immediately after the incident, with terrorist organization ANTIFA rallying sleeper cells across Northern Wisconsin.

Lawful citizens of this great country can rest easy as the Kenosha officers were completely in the right. If anything, it would have been safer for all involved if Blake was put down sooner, sparing his family the prolonged trauma of hoping that Blake would survive the police encounter unscathed.

Conservative Twitter reported that Blake is a known drug dealer and convicted felon who had up to five weapons on his body at the time he was shot. Kenosha police chief echoed much of what Conservative media said, releasing the following statement:

“It is always a tragedy when an American citizen is killed. My heartfelt prayers go out to Blake and his family. But let us not forget the sacrifice that our officers face every day as they protect and serve the white folks of this community. Very often they are thrown into situations where their unwarranted fear forces them to choose between their own life and that of someone who they view is beneath them. Please remember that Jacob Blake could have had any number of weapons in his car. If anything, we can all be thankful that Blake was only shot seven times as there have been many incidents across this great country where officers were forced to use even more force. God bless you all.”

BNN encourages all of our readers to continue supporting our law enforcement officers through these challenging times. While there are of course some bad apples, it is helpful to remember that when COVID-19 first hit nearly 40% of police officers donated a portion of their salary to help the victims. Google “40% of police officers” or click here to learn more.

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