The Willing Cuckolds Of Twitch

Let’s face it, Twitch panel hosts are for the most part lazy content whores who value drama above productive conversations. Panels themselves are intentional drama factories in which the participants are incentivized to “win” generally meaningless arguments about current events or topics that have already been beaten past the point of death.

Views above principles. Farming “luls” in chat over actually building bridges. Allowing large streamers to barge onto panels knowing they go insanely hard and then spending the next day bemoaning the discourse that was used.

And that is exactly what happened when A4Andre let Destiny on the panel last night. At this point, everyone knows how hard Destiny often goes. Anyone who was paying attention to his conversation with Vaush before the A4 panel knew what position he would take. Andre didn’t care. He let him on because he knew it would bring him views. Fucking shameless.

Andre isn’t the only person who has done this. Destiny has joined many panels and podcasts mid-show, with the panel hosts willingly allowing him to grace their small channel and bring in more views. More content. More money. I get it. I don’t even blame you for it. But don’t spend the next day crying about Destiny’s rhetoric and tone after you fail to properly moderate a discussion that your greedy ass welcomed with open arms.

If you don’t care about Destiny or any other large streamer’s opinions, don’t let them on your panel. If you think someone is problematic, don’t platform them. Perhaps stop attempting to have serious conversation on twitch panels when the majority of the members don’t even have a social circle outside of the internet. But whatever you panel-hosters decide to do, stop being such a willing cuckold and then crying when the bull doesn’t pull out.


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