Tree Of Logic Reviews Andre’s Racist Panel

Conservative superstar and former cop Tree of Logic spent the majority of her Sunday night Twitch stream reviewing A4 Andre’s panel where he was cuckolded by white harem leader Destiny. Tree’s poignant and always unbiased commentary exposed Andre and Nina for the racists that they are.

Many people are low-key racist and have implicit biases. We should work to reform these people and their hateful ideologies, not platform them. From the moment that Destiny came on the stream, Nina had to call him “white” in nearly every single retort. Steven, a well-known Gusano from the Mike community, immediately called her out for being a racist but Kswiftly commented in chat that “it is impossible to be racist to disgusting white pigs.”

Tree, an African-American herself, has no great love for Destiny. She has sparred with him on everything from gun control to scheduling etiquette. But she calls it like she sees it, and she has twenty-twenty vision when it comes to matter of race. She knows that many people just love to blame the white boogeyman for their own problems.

Go off Queen

Tree correctly pointed out that Nina was quite “hangry” during the panel, perhaps upset that she hadn’t eaten in the past thirty minutes. Endernax, an expert on obesity-related issues wrote on Twitter: “Nina’s blood sugar was clearly very low, impacting her mood, a direct consequence of over-consuming calories for most of your life. I’m just glad I lost weight before I contracted diabetes. The loose skin is manageable and sometimes I play with it when I am bored.”

Andre’s career may never recover from the fallout of this panel. He reported on stream that Nina, Kswiftly, and many from the RZNWA crew blocked him on all platforms. The only black Conservatives on Twitch, Tree and Suspect Sushi, hate Andre. Destiny probably knows Andre is a BEYTA male by now. At this point, Andre better consider joining the Mayo6, a support group for racist streamers with dying channels. A place where Tree would probably agree that he belongs.


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