Destiny and Dario Team Up To Defend Kyle Rittenhouse

Destiny and Dario, two of the most prominent white-passing streamers on Twitch, teamed up Wednesday evening to defend the white teenager who defended himself from violent protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Destiny came into the normally ResidentSleeper panel spitting fire, calling Nina Monei “an angry black.”

In all fairness, Destiny’s racist comment came only after Nina said that Destiny looked white. Many racist lefties assumed that Destiny and Dario were defending Kyle because they are all white, but as we all know Dario is in fact Bosnian and Destiny is a gusano. Another clear sign that leftists are more racist than Conservatives like Destiny and Dario.

As the conversation went on, Nina Monei grew louder and louder, launching racist attack after racist attack at Destiny. Nina’s obsession with race undermined her argument, which was primarily based on false assumptions and making things up. A4Andre completely sided with his own race, furthering the division of the panel down racial lines.

Notorious hater of whites Kswiftly defended Nina’s racism by dismissing Destiny’s heritage:

The manufactured drama reached its peak when Nina pointed out that due to Destiny’s stance on the private use of the N-word completely invalidates all of his positions on racial matters.

N-word andy

A few short minutes later, Nina went complete mask off and told Destiny to “go die.”

Destiny tells of “racist ass Nina” before she tells him to “go die”

BNN completely stands with Destiny and Dario. Personal attacks are never warranted and Nina Monei is a vile, disgusting human being who immediately reduced Destiny and Dario to their skin color. Please join us in reporting A4Andre’s stream and getting him removed from the panel.


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