Orb Lady Turns Discord Server Into Authoritarian Hellscape

Disturbing reports have been coming out of The Orb Lady’s discord server. BNN began receiving distress calls from people that The Orb Lady is silencing dissenting opinions and banning users who express support for Twitch superstar Freemz.

As Freemz tells it, the problem began after he violently murdered everyone in “Among Us,” a new game that tests leftists’ ability to complete simple tasks in a world designed by a twelve year old. Among Us has been extremely popular among lefty politics streamers as it is another space where they feel like they are part of a team and they can practice their ability to manipulate other lefties into doing what they want.

Aside from removing comments and banning users, The Orb Lady also changed Freemz’ name to “Big Dick Haver” without his permission as a way to insult him in front of his peers. Freemz went on the record saying: “I really feel like The Orb Lady crossed the line. I used to tolerate her and let her hang out in my voice chat but she’s been so hateful towards me that I simply cannot platform her Hitler-lite tendencies anymore.”


Freemz has always been a huge supporter of BNN. Way back in the day he allied with the Children’s Solidarity Movement in Bastiat’s discord after Bastiat refused to create a Children’s Only channel despite having an Adults Only channel. At the time, Bastiat said that having a Children’s Only discord server was sufficient. Now it is our time to defend Freemz. Boycott The Orb Lady and stand up for what is right!


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