Snakedust Flounders In First Conversation With Vaush

What started as a tame and polite conversation turned into Vaush steamrolling intellectual lightweight Stardust on her own stream late Tuesday night. Covering topics ranging from pedophilia to Hasan’s house and the ethics of shoplifting, Vaush spewed communist propaganda with little to no push back. Star did attempt to challenge Vaush on the shoplifting issue but her broken and fragmented thoughts littered with “umms,” “yeah, sure,” and “like” undermined what little argument she had and evoked flashbacks to long, unfettered, and unintelligible rants from Pxie.

The worst was yet to come. Vaush, a known pedophile sympathizer, challenged Stardust on her position on sex work. Stardust has maintained for many months that sex work is wrong and “that hoes spreading their legs on the streets are subhuman and deserve no respect and dignity.” Vaush bombarded Star with a bunch of multiple syllable words and fancy arguments and before Star’s brain could catch up she decided to completely agree with Vaush to save her from public embarrassment. In the end, both Star and Vaush agreed that sex work is fine and since exploitation exists in all work under capitalism then it logically follows that whoring yourself out is perfectly acceptable.

An example of the impressive rhetorical skill that Stardust employs on Twitch.

Instead of continuing to have a serious and productive discussion, Stardust retreated into her juvenile memes and the handful of topics that she recycles on the residentSleeper Chaos Cast panel. Vaush, perhaps seeing a future e-girl to bed, entertained these childish hypotheticals. At the end of the stream Star took a call from dying streamer Bastiat (not affiliated with BNN, unless…). Bastiat tried to console Stardust and told her that she is doing such a great job drama farming and leeching content from other people that she has nothing to worry about in terms of views.

Side note: BNN staff member Beefeetr counted the number of “umms” Stardust used during Tuesday night’s stream and the final count was 894 over the course of 7 hours.


6 thoughts on “Snakedust Flounders In First Conversation With Vaush

  1. Its hard to tell if stardust is more passive commentating her 5 hours of daily twitch drama vods or pushing back on anything a streamer with a bigger audience and half decent rhetoric says. Maybe the goal was to deliver arguments so bad that she could restream it for the destiny viewers who missed whatever is being talked about on his reddit?

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