Filipino Revolutionary Army Announces Vaushite Thought, Abandons Marxist-Leninist-Maoism

The New People’s Army, the revolutionary communist group which has been engaged in a protracted revolutionary war since 1969, has announced they will be abandon the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist armed struggle and will immediate adopt the revolutionary ideas synthesized by VaushVidya.

The Filipino guerilla’s released the following statement:

Among socialists, the stories of Lenin’s work as both an intellectual and revolutionary are prolific. Lenin interpreted the works of Karl Marx, saving his theories from the brink of irrelevance by restoring their true critique and then applying them to the revolutionary conditions in Russia. This synthesis, along with later developments by revolutionary and statesmen, Mao Zedong, would inspire revolutionaries across the globe and across the century.

A century later, Marxism was restored for a second time by VaushVidya.

According to Vaush, Real Socialism, will be controlled by workers themselves. There is no longer any need for a revolutionary vanguard, as any state created by this vanguard would only interfere with the worker’s spontaneous ability to organize industrial production. Furthermore, no state is necessary to suppress the sabotage by the oppressor class because members of this class, including CEO’s and financiers, will now be officially designated as “workers.”

The New People’s Army has decided to immediately suspend all military operations and to use our existing organization to form worker’s co-ops and campaign for change within the system.

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