The Dark Side Of DGG: From Big Oil To Organ Harvesting

It’s no secret that the neoliberal twitch streamers, known collectively as DGG, are an interesting bunch. Many point out regularly that popular neoliberal streamers seem almost inhuman and robotic, almost as though they are acting But where do they get their funding?

Recent investigations by BNN staff have led to the discovery that the brain behind the weekly amateur C-list quasi-political twitch panel “ChaosCast”, known as STRDST_, is employed as a surgeon at a hospital in the pacific northwest of the United States. Normally, we really would not care about this and would prefer to not give any attention to streamers and what they do while they are not getting upset over users telling the truth to them in their chats, but recent findings forced us to report on it.

Days after reports that STRDST_’s day job was being a surgeon at a hospital, I utilized intensely acute and calculated information procurement tactics I learned while studying journalism at Dartmouth University to uncover the truth about and confirm rumors that STRDST_ was using her “talents” to engage in a sinister black market activity: Harvesting the internal organs of humans and selling them for Bitcoin.

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The team at BNN was able to verify an $8000 USD transaction by purchasing one kidney and verifying the BTC address we had to send the money to with an address that STRDST_ used to send money to a twitch user named BadHossSimra for a subscription to his OnlyFans account months prior.

Even more shocking, STRDST_ even confirmed this in her discord to one of our journalists recently. The following is the proof:

Just Stardust things

Another evil source of funding for this mafia of pro-privatization heathens is none other than big oil itself. From an article for The Intercept, THE PROGRESSIVE POLICY Institute, a centrist Democratic think tank that grew out of the party’s pro-business wing in the 1980s and ’90s, received $50,000 from Exxon Mobil in 2018 via its parent organization, the Third Way Foundation, according to the oil giant’s 2018 Worldwide Giving Report”.

The Progressive Policy Institute is a partner with none other than “The Neoliberal Project”, an anti-worker rag for spoiled rich kids to push back against the “evil Marxists” currently dominating the internet, who advocate for their parents’ businesses to pay living wages and possibly unionize, all while pretending like they totally wouldn’t lurch dramatically to the right in a rapid transformation into fascists in order to protect the “free market” should the working men and women of a country decide it has outgrown its usefulness for their nation’s economy.

Given all of this, it might be time to rethink supporting and watching DGG and its orbiters.

-Comrade Wavy

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