The Sad Fates Of Bastiat’s Orbiters

Bastiat was once the rising star of Twitch politics. Having successfully taken the opening shots on Kormantine on the famous N word panel to soften him up for Destiny, Bastiat secured a friendship with DGG and racists everywhere. While the bulk of the tension occurred between Destiny, Kormantine, and James Cole Cash, Bastiat proved himself to be a reliable white ally.

Baby face Bastiat helping white allies on the Memewaves panel

His Steve Pinker-esque takes and good hair propelled him into triple digit viewership. Generous channel supporters like Real Altreas and Kietay kept the cash coming in. On the backs of his moderators, financial supporters, and community content creators, Bastiat created an exciting new channel that mixed serious political analysis with good-hearted memes from diverse perspectives. And he threw it all away.

When Bastiat was still considered a rising star, a few of his orbiters and viewers decided to strike out on their own and do their own thing. There was Rareest Pepper, cofounder of BNN and occasional streamer. Bastiat emotionally abused Pepper over and over again and he has since quit streaming and scrubbed his online presence. His current whereabouts are unknown. One of the most promising spin offs was Pseudocia. Her streaming was consistent and mildly entertaining but ended up dying due to a lack of support from the Bastiat community and Bastiat himself. She also had a rather successful Twitter following and sabotaged that too. Everything Bastiat touches seems to fall apart.

There were a handful of prominent community members whose streams never got off of the ground. TotallyMundane, Lisaisablogger, and Rjca all attempted to start a streaming career and lasted about as long as the shuttle Challenger’s flight. Many have said that Stardust is a Bastiat orbiter and this is clearly not the case. Stardust is only a recent addition to the Bastiat community and there is nothing left to orbit. Bastiat is over, cooked, done. And Stardust should be thankful she is not a true orbiter as she would not be nearly as successful.

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster - HISTORY
Picture to break up all of the text

But why did all of the real Bastiat orbiters fail so miserably? One is forced to consider that Bastiat’s dying stream and lack of community participation is to blame. Closer inspection reveals a more disgusting truth. Not only did Bastiat self-sabotage his streaming career, he actively removed some of the best content creators and community members from his discord. The Bastiat community used to make more original memes and content than any other streamer even twice Bastiat’s size (view count, not weight). And how did Bastiat respond? He banned Pepper probably eight times, Gohndim twice, and even got rid of Perplexed Blackout, Dreas Costas, and An Army of Fun. All while leaving a race realist to run the investing and economics channel (Peefsmash). Apparently the Bastiat community standard is to ban anyone who makes a Pinochet helicopter joke but asserting that blacks are lower IQ than whites is all fine and good.

Casual racism on the Bastiat discord

It is doubtful that Bastiat will ever have a successful streaming career again. His laziness and inability to manage his community will forever stunt his growth. His Twitter is 90% memes he steals from his discord or other Twitter personalities and pretends are his own. His views are old, stale, and rather boring when his wild, overly performative veneer wears off. Bastiat is not cut out for Twitch and those that tried to orbit him in the first place were doomed from the start.


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