Bastiat’s Discord A Safe Haven For Race Realists

<> on April 2, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

In light of the Ahmaud Arbery trial coming up soon, it is important to expose the fact that race realists thrive in Bastiat’s discord. Bastiat, typically concerned with optics, has turned a blind eye many times to the discussions of race and IQ. In the early days of the server IQ discussions took place almost daily. The most prominent race realist is Peefsmash, a former Super Smash Brothers professional who now spreads his filth in Bastiat’s discord.

To be fair, Bastiat did recognize last year that the constant race and IQ and age of consent discussions were offputting to some, and he issued a server-wide notice shown below. However, the warning did not last long and no one was ever banned. Bastiat wiped the server almost a dozen times to cover up discussions concerning which races are genetically inferior. Race and IQ was such a constant topic in the Bastiat discord that it became part of the culture. To most, it was a meme. Posting about someone’s IQ became a way to insult them and also lampoon Peefsmash.

Disturbing notice from the Chief Neoliberal himself

You can ask anyone who is a regular in the Bastiat discord how prominent IQ memes are there. While Bastiat has banned people for being communists, writing for independent news media, and calling him fat, he seems to have a soft spot for race realists. Why else is Peefsmash still a valued member of that community? And to bring it all back to Ahmaud Arbery, let’s take a look at what Peef had to say about his murder.

Amazing discourse on the Ahmaud Arbery MURDER found in the Bastiat discord

It is difficult to know the extent of the damage that is being done on the Bastiat discord. Its members are primarily white, single, and fairly racist. BNN did reach out to Stardust, who recently made a large investment in call centers, to comment on how she felt participating in the Bastiat community. Her testimony was shocking.

Stardust, a female POC, on how she feels treated by the Bastiat community

BNN is asking Bastiat to explain why these views are tolerated on his server. How many people have been radicalized, or desensitized, to race realist talking points over the past couple of years? Wiping general chat every few weeks only does so much. Its time that Bastiat answers for his rotten community.


Bonus Peef Meme:

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