Destiny Calls Bxbullet, A Single Mother And Firearms Instructor, Psychotic Over Alec Baldwin Shooting

Conservatives clashed Tuesday night over the Alec Baldwin accidental shooting. Destiny, a Midwesterner who undoubtdely has experience with firearms, claimed to know more about gun safety than Bxbullet. During the entire conversation Destiny talked over Bxbullet and mansplained a subject that she holds expertise in. After Bxbullet correctly and succinctly explained the principles of gun safety, Destiny knew he was cornered and resorted to ad hominems (a logical fallacy FYI).

Destiny calling a single mother “psychotic” over her opinion on the Alec Baldwin shooting

Destiny completely dismissed Bxbullet’s years of experience as a gun safety instructor by stating that “…since we are dealing with actors here your opinion is stupid and invalid.” Destiny then said that since the safety record in Hollywood surrounding guns has been so good historically that perhaps shooting ranges and sports enthusiasts could learn a thing or two. He then went on a deranged tangent about how there are some scenes in movies where actors are not wearing kevlar on their heads during hostage scenes. No one really knew what he was talking about and most are postulating that he got his hands on some bad drugs again.

Destiny Out of Context (@DestinyOOC) | Twitter
Destiny showing on stream how to be safe with guns

All that Bxbullet wanted was to assign some culpability to Alec Baldwin, the man who ultimately pulled the trigger. Baldwin, who failed to check the ammunition himself, deserves to be locked in Montego Bay with all of the terrorists. Why is Destiny so adamantly defending Hollywood?

This toxic conversation encapsulates everything that is wrong with Twitch. Destiny attempted to steamroll Bxbullet and dismiss her expertise because she is a woman. The DGG swarm also came over to Bxbullet’s channel and were allegedly incredible hurtful. At one point Bxbullet had to ask Destiny to ask a question again because she was “dealing with an issue in her chat.” Destiny called Bxbullet “psychotic” nearly a dozen times. BNN has reported the disgusting conduct of this streamer to Twitch and we encourage all of our readers to do the same.


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