The Most Despicable Twitch Politics Characters

The title says it all, let’s get right to it. In no particular order…

Lady Rayne Cloud

A truly disgusting human being, Lady Rayne is by far one of the most annoyingly stupid people on the internet. She often comes into chat extremely irritated and pissed off over something she saw on Twttter only to walk it back minutes later. The best Lady Rayne moment was on a panel where she was constantly taking shots at Destiny for “transphobia.” When Destiny barged onto the panel, he quickly dismantled her arguments and exposed her for being completely uneducated on many trans issues. At one point, Destiny point blank calls Lady Rayne stupid (which she is). Perhaps this caused her so much mental and emotional trauma that she felt fine with recently calling Destiny a “rapist in waiting” before characteristically walking it back. Pathetic. The other thing that makes Lady Rayne so despicable is that she hides behind fifty-seven layers of oppression. She’s a veteran. She’s disabled. She’s poor. “Her people” are being slaughtered in the streets. For being such a fucking loser she has taken home a lot of golds in the Oppression Olympics.


We are still waiting on those Prime-Katarana dms that Samantha has. One day they will show up. Samantha is another no-life drama lord who loves to involve herself in everything possible. She’s probably creating a list or two.


Lance is basically Mike from PA lite, except he actually thinks that he is funny and often says he performs political comedy. Go check out his first (and I believe only) appearance on The Rajj Royale and cringe for yourself at how hard he bombed. Twitch has a surprising number of old fuck streamers who have accomplished nothing in life, but Lance is a real activist who bravely beefs with Destiny time and time again despite getting destroyed.


I’m unsure if Denims has ever had an intelligent thought in her life. Perhaps watching all of the Gordon Ramsay on stream has cooked her brain. Denims is living proof that for women to be successful on the program all you need to do is be moderately attractive and leech some viewers off of established content creators. No one has ever watched a panel that Denims participated on and walked away thinking she put up a strong performance.


All you need to know about Bastiat is that he is literally paid to destroy the environment and he repeatedly defended the Texas power grid despite it killing dozens of people last year. When people called Bastiat out on his defense of the Texas grid in the wake of the tragic deaths, he censored the criticisms and pretended he didn’t support the failed system. Bastiat is a constant disappointment to his fans, what few of them remain. Most of his community has migrated over to the Stardust and Bad Empanada discords.


Okay, we can just say it at this point. Ana is mentally ill. Probably insane. And a fucking content machine.

We might hate them all, but these are people perfect for Twitch. In order to keep the content machine going, we will always need low IQ drama lords who work tirelessly giving bad takes and stirring the pot.

-BNN Editorial Team

2 thoughts on “The Most Despicable Twitch Politics Characters

  1. 4/6 “characters “ are women, even though they’re never the majority with anything on twitch lists. Is this Dennims person despicable just because she’s an attractive woman with unimpressive panel appearances? lmao

    No shout for Dylan Burns – tried to cancel prime cayes for sexual harassment with no evidence? But I guess he’s not a woman so no need to be overly critical.

    Destiny and orbit that are milking a mentally unstable lady, ganging up on a “stalker” that no one can seem to block and leave blocked – everyone HAS to keep engaging with her. Gimme a break. Destiny/Ana should both be treated the same at this point. Destiny’s Twitter should’ve gotten its own bullet alone.

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