Failing Streamer Imreallyimportant Has Mental Breakdown Over Joe Manchin Critiques

Imreallyimportant (IRI), one of Twitch’s most consistent C-SPAN rebroadcasters, lost his mind Monday morning after defending Joe Manchin from legitimate critiques from Twitter users. IRI is a white LA Democrat whose emphasis on safely and cautiously working within existing political structures frustrates lefties who want to see real change. Perhaps still upset that his meager Twitch income was leaked, IRI snapped live on stream.

BNN has proactively reached out to Anafrills for a mental health consultation. It is well known that IRI is also attempting to purchase his very first house at the age of 47 so this is a very stressful period in his life. In honor of IRI, BNN will be hosting an independent movie night in our discord where we will be watching a short film produced by IRI himself about online stalking. Let’s all do our best to support IRI during these challenging times.


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