Stop Worrying About Climate Change Already!

Folks, its time to stop worrying about Climate Change. I can remember watching Al Gore’s hoax documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” as a child and becoming extremely frightened about humanity’s future. Fast forward to 2020 and Miami is still not underwater. Climate change is certainly happening. And no one is denying that humans have a role to play. But we shouldn’t be worrying.

As someone who works in the electric utility industry, I can tell you that renewable energy is simply not the answer. Solar and Wind resources add vast complexity to the power system. While these intermittent resources are somewhat cost-effective now, as more and more are added the marginal costs increase dramatically. In order to move to a 100% renewable energy grid utilities would need to build out tens of thousands of miles of new high-voltage transmission lines. This build out alone would result in tremendous environmental impacts through right-of-way clearing. More importantly, it would take decades.

Destroying the environment for new transmission lines needed for “renewables.”

Remember, the electric industry is one minor component of climate change. There are many natural processes that contribute to supposed warming, including cow farts and eating too many green vegetables which are natural carbon sinks when left in the ground. Enough is enough. Thankfully, the silver bullet to climate change has already been invented.

Scientists have re-purposed the household fan and are now using it to literally suck carbon out of the air. A simple, elegant solution to an overblown leftist problem. The good news is that creating these massive carbon suckers is very cheap. Humanity can move forward knowing that we no longer need to worry about pollution.


3 thoughts on “Stop Worrying About Climate Change Already!

  1. You meter readers are all the same, with your fairy tales of fans sucking carbon while you and your CEO suck off the Fossil Fuel Industry. HOW DARE YOU!
    PS, thanks for ruining my childhood, Gohndim.

  2. My Green New Deal will solve climate change, racial inequality and all wealth disparities. All you need to do is give up any pretense of living in a free country. (And really, is it a free country if you must pay for your gender theory classes?) Please consider joining our movement today!

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