Foxy Friday: The Orb Lady Buffs Up

There are few people on Twitch who are worthy of emulating. As we all know, Twitch is chock-full of unemployed and uneducated leftists hell bent on corrupting young minds in order to implement their communist agenda. But every once in a while you find a streamer who is doing some good.

Some folks have been quarantined or even out of work since March. Social media has been peppered with reports of weight gain and poor health habits during this isolation period. While some blame can certainly be placed on libtard Governors who violated the Constitution and closed gyms, personal responsibility is also a key factor.

The Orb Lady, a female non-boobie streamer on Twitch, has been putting herself through a grueling exercise regimen. Every morning she runs 3 miles, after which she drinks 7 raw eggs and immediately follows that up with a series of burpees and push ups. She supplements this morning routine with pushups and core workouts while she streams. Today The Buff Lady said that “now I can even open jars!”


She should be an inspiration to us all. While streamers like Bastiat and Touring News have clearly gained weight since the Chinese Bat Flu, The Orb Lady is looking like a damn snack. I asked her why she decided to get in shape and she said “Primarily I wanted to be able to open pickle jars but secondarily there is currently a huge problem with birth rates in developing countries. If I can inspire women to work on their image then this will naturally lead to more reproduction.”

Well said Buff Lady, well said! BNN wishes you the best in all of your future endeavors.


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