Bastiat And IRI Reunite For The First Time Since “The Brad Debacle”

Tonight’s “Hippy Dippy Podcast” hosted by Dylan Burns will feature four of the most prominent lefties on Twitch taking on four equally matched Conservative powerhouses. Bastiat, Imreallyimportant (IRI), PrimeCayes, and Destiny himself will be combating fascism tonight at 8PM EST.

This event marks the first time that Bastiat and IRI will be talking in public since “The Brad Debacle” where a fourteen year old communist completely embarrassed IRI and his guests on a panel show. IRI and his guests were so incredibly butthurt that IRI spent three hours after the show going through the VOD and banning every member of Bastiat’s community that was in chat that night, including myself. The VOD, which was deleted by IRI, was downloaded by a few devout Brad fans and will be uploaded to a secure website in due time.

When the dust settled nearly fifty members of Bastiat’s community were banned from IRI’s Twitch channel and discord. Even Lisaisablogger, a well-known moderator in lefty channels, was banned without warning. Twenty four hours after the event, IRI was still incredibly shaken up. His anger for Bastiat was on full display multiple times in The Battle Lounge’s chat:

IRI very mad at Bastiat
IRI shifting blame away from his poor moderation skills

Twitch political streamers are known to be drama fiends who continually stab each other in the back to gain more followers and viewers. It is hard to say who got the best of this exchange. On one hand, Brad (representing Bastiat’s intellectual community) really demolished IRI and his lackeys Dylan Burns and The Battle Lounge. However, Bastiat has a much larger follower and average viewer count and punching down is simply not kosher. Perhaps the anger within IRI will bubble up tonight although I wouldn’t count on it. The last time IRI was on a panel with Destiny he more or less disappeared. We shall see.


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