PSA: Beware Of Geek’s Leaks

The notoriously poor GeekWitGlassesTV is devolving before our eyes. Recently he has stopped streaming almost entirely and has instead resorted to getting high with loose West Virginian women. Geek is actively cutting all ties with streamers and people he used to consider friends, leaking private messages and revealing that he has recorded over 47 hours of voice conversations in discord.

Geek has also been casually joking about sexual assault, particularly of minors. He recently clashed with a highly respected member of Bastiat’s community named PeefSmash, who used to play Super Smash professionally. Geek instantly accused him of fooling around sexually with children.

Geek embarrassing himself per usual

Yesterday, Geek’s discord was also littered with pornographic images. Geek started posting weird pictures of Greek statues, primarily zoomed in on the “swimsuit area.” He then went on a tirade about how female breasts are not sexual objects and began spamming his own discord with pictures of women he had met on tinder, most of them topless. We will not be producing the screenshots here because that would be disrespectful and the ages of those pictured cannot be confirmed.

Geek went on Bastiat’s stream last night and tried to pick fights with practically everyone. His most vicious attacks were against a thirteen year old kid named Chowey, who up until last night looked up to Geek. During this stream Geek leaked numerous DMs and told so many lies that BNN’s fact checkers worked through the entire night only to give him four Pinocchio’s.

A warning to all streamers: cease all private (and perhaps public) communication with Geek as he is ruthlessly throwing everyone under the bus. BNN is highly recommending that he is banned from all political discord servers and that his Twitch channel is mass reported and taken down immediately. BNN has also proactively contacted the FBI to alert them to potential criminal activity. Beware of Geek.


2 thoughts on “PSA: Beware Of Geek’s Leaks

  1. i can’t believe you’re shaming a heroin addict instead of providing him with support and resources

    Geek, if you’re reading this: I see you. I hear you. I support your health. Still not watching your stream tho lmaooo

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