Twitch Net Worth Rankings

The BNN investigative journalism team has poured over financial documents and through contacts at the NSA and IRS has developed the definitive Twitch net worth tier list. Let’s get started.

#1 – Lctrfan: $4.5 million

No surprise here for the number one lawyer on twitch as the median salary of an American attorney with more than 5 years of practice is a whopping $175,000. In addition, Lctrfan runs a great YouTube channel and Twitch channel to supplement his income along with streaming in what appears to be a very beautiful and spacious home. Easily one of the wealthiest streamers on this platform.

#2 – Treeoflogic: $1.2 million

This ranking may come as a surprise to some but Treeoflogic has been very vocal about her financial practices and has consistently given great tips on investing and saving. Considering the median salary of a U.S. police officer is $65,000, this figure shows Treeoflogic has been very successful in her investments – most notably buying Amazon shares way back in 2003.

#3 – AuGrimace: $450,000

Augrimace can truly be considered the last “successful” twitch streamer as the net worth for the rest of political twitch drops steeply from here. While Augrimace has been secretive about his work we do know he has an extensive rare plant collection which has been estimated at being worth $250,000 by itself. Factoring into that his expensive streaming setup, very beautiful home, and subtracting debt from his wife’s K-Pop purchases we get a reasonable $450,000 net worth. Nice!

#4 – Freemz: $100,000

Freemz was born into a very wealthy redneck family which made their fortune in the early 1800s through collectivized farming. While Freemz doesn’t get many donations, we are assured his safety net from his family’s wealth will last him about 4 more years before he’ll have to get a real job instead of hosting 5 viewer andy roundtables.

#5 – GeekWitGlassesTV: $27,500

While very unsuccessful at everything else he’s done, Geek did manage to hold down a job with the government for a few years before quitting and streaming warzone for 3 people all day. Living at home with his parents in West Virginia has allowed him to keep his costs low.

#6 – DylanBurns: $2,000

Still lives with his parents and spends too much money on minecraft figurines but otherwise a decent savings amount for a 16 year old.

#7 – Baela: $500

Despite reusing tampons and recycling, it looks like preaching environmentalism comes at the cost of being financially successful.

#8 – TouringNews: $24.68

This number will be updated in real time as Touring makes his dire financial state very public and hardly, if ever, breaks into 3 digit net worth.

#9 – MarcMunky: -$2650

Spending all that money on funkopops and soymilk while only bringing in 3 viewers has drained Marc’s bank account and has undoubtedly put him in 4 figure credit card debt. Maybe he should get a second job instead of spending all his free time streaming about how bad Trump is whilst shilling his gofundme.

#10 – Bastiat: -$25,000

Crippling law school debt combined with lavish expenditures on clothing, food, a recent house purchase, travel, and more food means Bastiat comes in with an adjusted negative net worth. Trying to keep up the appearance of a wealthy lawyer has really taken the toll on his financial state.

-Rareest Pepper

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  1. attractiveness is always correlated with wealth. if you were beautiful you’d have money, few know this.

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